DAF flotation ultra-shallow

DAF flotation ultra-shallow

Due to the nature of certain types of waste water containing oil, grease and suspended solids suspended sediment, so other methods can not handle. In this case the pressure flotation treatment is most effective.


Flotation is the process of separating suspended solids from the wastewater stream. The process of separation is done by creating micro foam particles in wastewater. The attached microbubbles will stick to solid particles and reduce the specific gravity to push the solids on the surface, they are spread out by spreading foam bucket.

Feature Highlights:
  - Effective treatment of wastewater SS on 80%.
  - Easy to install, easy to operate and maintenance.
  - Low power consumption.
  - Less religious area.
  - Safety in use.
  - Durable with time.
  - Flexibility to meet specific requirements of customers.

  - Food processing (fish, surumi, canning, coconut milk, noodles ....)
  - Company slaughter cattle, poultry ...



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