Stactic Screen

Stactic Screen

This special static separation system with automatic cleaning system is suitable for a variety of different applications in industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment.



The inlet chamber of the Vietscreen reduces the turbulences of the incoming wastewater and spreads the sedimentable solids evenly across the whole screening surface. The solids reach the screening surface via overflow threshold and are spread across the whole width of the surface through a guide plate. The water flows down into the outlet chamber and runs off via outlet pipe. The solids are collected at the top side of the screening surface and are slowly conveyed to the discharge area by the particles which are subsequently separated. The drip lip at the end of the screen panel directs the drained liquid away from the solids and returns it to the filtrate chamber.


-Simple installation and operation

-Low operating costs

-The bi-wave wedgewire design guarantees a higher throughput capacity of 30% compared to the throughput capacity of the conventional static screen

-Screen openings of 0.25 to 2.5mm

-Throughput capacity of up to 600m3/h

-Available fully encapsulated

-Pivoting screen panel (not on all models)

Fields of Appication:

-Wastewater pretreatment/ fie ascreening

-Complete wastewater pretreament

-Product recovery

-Fiber-/filler separation

-Material thickening



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